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  • White Full Resin ribbon
  • White Full Resin ribbon

    • ID:K6020
    • Update:2018-8-21 21:38:03

     the perfect whiteness,high scratch resistance,

    excellent smudge resistance


    1.the perfect whiteness, comparable to whiteness of the similar imported products .
    2.can be used in black, transparent and silver synthetic materials. 
    3. high scratch resistance and excellent smudge resistance.
    4. lower print temperature , printing temperature is 4-6 degrees lower than the temperature of similar resin products .
    5.can also be used in PVC heat shrink tubing, and has superior scratch resistance and smudge resistance.
    6.use patented back coating technology.
    its lower print temperature can protect the print head.
    7. It can be used in more than 98% of barcode printers
    such as Zabre , Argox , Datamax , Intermec , Toshiba, etc.


     electronic products, cars, outdoor, logo.

    Recommended materials

     PET,PVC,transparent PET, PVC heat shrink tubing, polyimide

      K6020 White Full Resin ribbon Printing Effect


                 K6020 White Full Resin ribbon Property Pie Chart