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  • Color Full Resin Ribbon
  • Color Full Resin Ribbon

    • ID:K6030,K6040,K6050
    • Update:2018-8-21 21:41:09

    Bright color,high scratch resistance 

    and excellent smudge resistance


    1.bright colors, can be very similar to other imported products’ color.
    2.superior scratch resistance and smudge resistance.      
    can meet a variety of harsh environmental requirements.
    it can completely replace the same type of other imported products with excellence quality and adaptability. suitable to use in mainstream printers on the market
    eg: Zabre, Argox, Datamax, Intermec, Toshiba
    4.use patented back coating technology 
    Our patented back coating technology is adopted in all color resin ribbons ,it can reduce loss in print head and the static electricity generated in the printing . print head is not easy to be smudged in the printing process so that it can  extend  the operating life of print head.


     electronic products, electronic components, cars,
     outdoor, product identification

    Recommended materials

     PET,PE,PVC,PP, polyimide

    K6050 Green Full Resin Ribbon Printing Effect 

    K6030 Blue Full Resin Ribbon Printing Effect

    K6040 Red Full Resin Ribbon Printing Effect

    Color Full Resin Ribbon Property Pie Chart